Peruvian blogger wins travel blog honour

If you are looking for some travel related suggestions before you make your trip to Peru, you can have a chat with Peruvian blogger Mary Salas.

The International Travel Festival 2016, sponsored by UK yacht charter company declared that the blog, Los viajes de Mary (i.e., Mary’s Travels), won Most Popular Travel Blog Award, as per to the official Facebook page of the fest.

Mary will be recognized officially for her award at FITUR event that will take place in Barcelona, Spain, 20th to 24th Jan, 2016. As mentioned on her blog, Mary is an architect, travel blogger and photographer. She is originally from Arequipa, and then she moved to Barcelona to study. This is when she found herself in love with traveling.

She started to talk about her experiences of traveling and then it evolved into a warmth that many are really thankful for. Mary offers tours to travel economically with topics which range from healthy as well as cheap eating in Paris, France, to why one must leave their comfort zone.

To win the honor, her blog contended for votes from the public against sixteen other pages as per to El Comercio.
Meanwhile, the Peru Central School Board is all set meet at on 2nd Fen, Tuesday, 6 p.m., in the Junior/Senior High School community room for their first budget session.

The School Board is anticipated to get a budget overview briefing, showcase a budget timeline, get a general Executive Budget impact statement, have a look at the estimated tax-levy limit as well as determine initial budget parameters.

Peru to get a national museum soon

Machu Picchu could just be the most famous tourist place in Peru, but the Inca ruins are one of the many treasured historical places — from Huaca Pucllana to Nazca Lines to — which has survived since the old times, with several great artifacts. Well strangely enough, in spite its well known artistic and cultural history, the country has not really had a huge scale national museum as it will soon.

Peruvian Culture Minister Diana Alvarez Calderon, this month, declared that the construction will start soon on Museo Nacional del Perù, as per Agencia de Noticias Andina.

In an interview with El Comercio earlier, the Peruvian Culture Minister said that the whole plan to finally make one museum came about in a chat with President Ollanta Humala, who wanted to make an Amazon Museum in Iquitos. She told him that an Amazonian museum is very important, but the great museum of Peru was still not there.

The all new museum will keep its home at Pachacamac, a popular archaeological site in the southeast Lima which is passed via several hands Early Intermediate time (200–600 CE), notably working as as a religious place for Ichma people between 11000 and 1400 CE. The museum would work as an entry point to ruins and would also presumptively increase tourism to the place, as Lima city officials are talking about ways to help the transportation of visitors. Construction will start as soon as archaeological researches are finished.

University students set to travel to Peru for climate change conference

Four undergraduate students of the Washington University as well as 2 graduate students would travel to Lima, Peru to attend the United Nations Climate Change 2014 conference between 1st December and 12th December.

In Conference of the Parties 20th session, students would have the scope to present their very own research and also attend negotiations, side events as well as open sessions to learn about others peoples research.

Unlike earlier years, when the event has gone through Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment, the events 5th  this year  would be arranged through International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability. 3 students would attend the 1st week of the conference with the Lecturer in Law Beth Martin, as well as the other 3 would attend the 2nd week with Anu Hittle, the career consultant.

Senior student Jess Rudnick said that she relishes their real life applications. Rudnick told that she is an environmental earth science major and she wants to stay in the field of environmental work, and this is a really interesting opportunity to see the international conversation related to it.

Junior student Teddy Sims, who is one of the attendees, stated that the students expect to expand on what earlier University designates have already learned. He added that their independent research component is that they are going to be interviewing stakeholders as well as other nonprofits and country delegates who have same type of situations to essentially make a foundation of knowledge, a basis of knowledge that they could build off of next year.

United States must review their Colombia travel warning, says Juan Manuel Santos

The president of Colombia has asked the vice president of the United States to review the alert the United States has placed for their tourists who are visiting Colombia. In a telephone chat with the United States Vice President Joe Biden, Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombia President, talked about the elimination of visa requirements, and also asked US to take down the travel warning it has placed on Colombia earlier.
The Colombian president stated that the old US travel warning no longer works on Colombia in a telephone call to US Vice President, said a release. In the travel warning, the United States state department said: “While the U.S. Embassy possesses no information concerning specific and credible threats against U.S. citizens in Colombia, we strongly encourage you to exercise caution and remain vigilant as terrorist and criminal activities remain a threat throughout the country.”
The United States government’s warning was published in the month of April, in this year, showed explosions which happen on a regular basis, gang violence, drug issues as well as kidnapping as the primary reasons why people must exercise caution when they are visiting Colombia.
Meanwhile, Rodrigo Londono, the Colombian guerrilla leader, has reportedly made secret government authorized tours to Cuba many times in the previous year to meet with his team of negotiators as part of the peace dialogues to end fifty years of civil war, said the Colombian officials earlier on Thursday.

International tourists coming to Peru prefer to stay in three-star hotels, reports

Almost sixty percent of foreign tourists traveling Peru's tourist destinations select to stay in 3 star hotels and they save their money to taste the varied cuisine of the country, said Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry on Wednesday.
In an interview with a radio station, Mincetur's head Magali Silva told that 3 star hotels are the choice of almost sixty percent overseas tourists when they are staying in Andean nation. As per the high level government officials, the foreign travelers prefer to spend their money on attempting Peruvian eclectic cuisine that has earned acknowledgement as one of the finest in the world.
The Peruvian minister said these on World Travel & Tourism Council Americas Summit’s sidelines. The summit is taking place from 10th to 11th September in Lima, the capital of Peru. The 2 day gathering is anticipated to gather Travel & Tourism leaders as well as government ministers throughout Central America, South America, North America and the Caribbean, as well as top executives from private and public sectors, NGOs, and opinion-formers from the media and academia.
Meanwhile, top tour operators from Peru are getting a new awareness raising campaign on most look for places of the south-east Puno with the target of linking travelers with this region’s unique destinations, as was reported on Tuesday.
Puno’s regional directorate chief Manuel Quiñonez told that within the area of Cordillera route, mayor tour operators would be able to guide travelers throughout largest forest of Puyas de Raymondi, the Tinajani rock forest as well as Pucca Pucara archeological park.