Lima is a popular tourist destination

Almost one third of the whole Peruvian population stays in Lima, the country’s capital. But Lima is surely much more than that. This place is well known for its architecture, great weather and most importantly for its culinary dishes. Lima is really a budget friendly destination. The place is scattered with ancient mounds called ‘huacas’ that charge general fees.

Costa Verde: Lima's coast stretches 4 districts and each district has its very own charm. A bike path and grassy parks break up a coastal bluff from "Malecón" road (San Isidro) and Miraflores. You may go to Parque del Amor and join the lovers there. Barranco is a bohemian district, which is full of art galleries, bars and cafes. It also has nice parks. There is a fisherman’s market which is known as ‘Mercado de Pescadores Artesanales’. In this market independent fisherman sells their catches.

Parque Kennedy: It is the heart of the commercial district of Miraflores. There are several popukar restaurants and cafes in this place. The municipal government sets up theatre, music and dance performances.

Plaza De Armas: This is one of the most charming places in Latin America. This place is intoxicating during night, especially the Archbishop's Palace. At the Presidential Palace, watch the shifting of the guards at 1 pm. On Saturday mornings, this place is free for all.

Free Museums: There are many museums in the city. Plaza Boíivar is Spanish Inquisition museum. Afro-Peruvian museum is another museum located downtown.