Colorful Bird Species Discovered

New bird species are identified by scientists in the cloud forest regions of Peru. Most of these bird species boasts rich scarlet markings and they are also very colorful. A team comprised of four ornithologists discovered the species while they were on trip to Peru in September, 2008. They published their results in the year 2012, in the edition of The Auk. The Auk is the official publication of American Ornithologists’ Union.

The small and colorful birds were spotted mostly in pairs, digging into the lower canopy seeking for snacks and berries. The birds are seen having black masks over their face, white colored throats, red markings atop their heads running out to the breasts accompanied with pale yellow dotting. Their appearance and habitat is limited to the small part of the muggy, dense forests rowding together the high edged slopes of eastern Andes.

Genetic data says that these new found species are closely related to scarlet-banded barbet, a species that they resemble closely. But the newfound birds are brighter and colorful than that of their cousin ones.

In recent years, Peru is been observed as a font of newfound species because the region is home to wild and remote ecosystems that can air vast challenges for scientists who are trying hard to climb field expeditions.

Besides colorful birds, scientists recently discovered some species of colorful lizards in Peru. Before that there were discovered yellow-tailed monkeys that had stayed out of sight for several years. Those who love wildlife and want to explore the best of it should definitely pay a visit to Peru.